What We Offer

We are specialists in Coaching / Teaching Salon-style Argentine Tango  – with expert technical support

Our combined coaching experience, both before and during our tango years, has had a unique
and profound effect on how we teach Tango

  • We are both active teachers, giving equal attention to  Leaders & Followers
  • Between us we have over 35 years experience dancing Argentine Tango
  • Over 40 years coaching experience, teaching and training a wide variety of highly skilled professionals
  • More than 20 years combined full time teaching tango, using our Client Centred Approach
  • Building good basic technique through:
    – detailed observation of the movement of individuals / couples
    – diagnosing the underlying causes
    – creating solutions
    – helping dancers with more creative and expressive elements
    – expression from stillness within balance and axis
  • Working on specific themes
  • Milonga and Vals
  • Interpreting the music of different orchestras and styles

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