Ladies – How to Get a Dance at a Milonga

– working the floor –

Familiarisation is often the key to success.  Many communities have a monthly Milonga, so think about going more often.

You need to be seen dancing, and regularly for people to get to know you.

This can be a demoralising experience if you’re not prepared.  The best advice is to make sure you go somewhere friendly with familiar faces.  Ask within your local community for some recommendations.

Things to avoid:
– going on your own to an unfamiliar event

– going with a group of women and no leader

– sitting with other women and engaging in deep conversation with them

– having a miserable expression

– sitting at the back hidden away from the main dance area

Be seen as a dancer – how to improve your chances:

go with a dance partner so you can be seen dancing.  When he’s dancing with someone else, you stand a better chance of being asked to dance

arrange to go with at least one leader to 2 ladies

– watch your body language

– an open and happy countenance will help

– keep as close to the front of the dance floor as possible

– watch for leaders using the Cabeceo

– move around the floor, don’t always return to the same place, especially if it’s at the back of the hall

– move to another part of the room if you’re on a table where other ladies are chatting together

– if there is an open class prior to the Milonga, it may be worth considering doing it.  This is often is a good way for people to get to know you, and you have more of a chance being asked to dance during the Milonga.

– often communities have a separate kitchen for light refreshments.  You can always strike up a general conversation with others so they become familiar with you.

– if there is a specialised event or afternoon workshop, quite often a Milonga will follow later in the evening.  These workshops normally require a gender balance, so ideal to arrange to go with a dance partner, rather than being put onto a singles’ short list.  There more about workshops – here

If you’re unlucky and don’t get any or many dances, try not to get too disheartened.  You do need to find successful ways for an event to work for you.  Going alone may be unwise initially.

Once you are established in a local community, you can talk with other dancers and suggest a dance partnership to attend a Milonga together.

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