Tango – Three legged Stool!

The Three Legged Stool

After a lot of thought, discussion and trying it out in practice – in our dance and our teaching we have now integrated it all into three main areas.  The metaphor of the stool is quite simple – it has the minimum number of legs, all of which need to be working properly or the stool will collapse, so it’s a very efficient system.  The three essential “legs” are:

  1. Client Centred Coaching and Partner Centred Dancing
    We are all unique in our physical and psychological makeup, and our previous experiences in life. A good dancer is mindful of their partner and constantly adjusting to their movement. Similarly, as coaches, we adapt to our clients to get the best possible fit between what they need and what we offer.  In Tango, one size definitely does not fit all.
  1. Go Within or Go Without
    Dancing tango well, and learning it effectively, starts and ends internally, with our mind processes and body awareness. Our approach to these aspects is practical rather than mystical, and draws on years of experience coaching adults.
  1. Practice Does Not Make Perfect
    Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. What we do with our body, and do repeatedly, is what the body “gets” and maintains.  We work with underlying causes rather than superficial symptoms.

Finally, if our stool could have an extra leg, it would be fun.  We all do this for enjoyment, and we believe it is important, even essential, to have a great time whilst doing this valuable work on our dance.

As Guest Teachers – we work with groups / couples / single dancers either in Specialised Workshops, Guided Prácticas or Private Lessons.