Tango Tasters

Giving people a way of experiencing Tango for the first time

Throughout our years of teaching, we understood that Tango is not for everybody.

So, we created ‘Tango Tasters’, designed for groups of people completely new to tango.  Although many existing dancers like to participate too, as it’s an opportunity for them to re-visit and refind their basic technique.

People can have a taste of what the dance is really like, making an informed decision whether or not it’s the right dance for them.

Will will not give you a step-based choreographic routine, giving the illusion you are dancing.  On the contrary, even after only one hour, you will be able to have a simple dance, understanding leading & following, balance, axis, connection, embrace, etc.

These Taster sessions can be tailored to your requirements as an introduction to tango, or perhaps as part of a special event.

A minimum of a one hour class is needed.

Explaining the distinction between classes, workshops, milongas etc – here

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