Private Lessons

Probably the single most effective way to make progress and improve your dance

A private lesson can be either as a single person, a couple or a dance partnership

It can also be for small groups, either single gender or balanced couples

There are many areas in which a private lesson can make a huge difference to you and your dance:

–  learning the key foundation elements on which to build

–  improve technique

–  learn the salon-style, especially important if you’ve only danced in the open hold

–  if you feel you’ve reached a plateau and cannot make progress

–  build confidence

–  working on a specific theme or movement

–  fast-track

–  catch up on missed classes

–  greater understanding of your dance with leading / following

– learn the twin art of leading / following

– dancing in small spaces

–  choreography for a special event / celebration

–  even trying out before committing to classes

…  and many more

We always teach together in all private lessons, which maximises your benefit.

The time is dedicated to you and your specific requirements.  We can discuss with you what you hope to achieve.  In our experience, it’s good to be flexible so we can adapt the lesson on the day to suit you.

Dancing in Small Spaces – if you want to learn – really learn – how to dance in small spaces for social dancing,  then our narrowboat is ideal.  Interestingly, there’s even more space on our boat than you often get at a Milonga.  No hall hire or travel costs either!

Venue – if you prefer, all we need is a small area in your home with a suitable floor or hire a small hall.  Our narrowboat is also ideal.  Also by arrangement with your tango community to use their hall at one of their sessions.

Our Availability – by arrangement, or it can be incorporated at a class / workshop that we are visiting as guest teachers.

Duration – normal private lessons are usually a minimum of one hour.  We can often work longer than this, especially to cover a particular subject area completely.  It would be by mutual agreement, on a pro rata basis.

Travel Costs –  if we are in your area, or participating in an existing event, there will be no charge.  A guideline to travel to you outside the local area would be at 20p per mile.  This can be shared if we have other private lessons within the area on the same day.  

Lesson Price:
To discuss this and what works best for you, please contact us

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