A session with full coaching guidance & support


Less formal than the subject based structure of a class, this is our unique way where you can put into practice all your classwork, on an evening with full coaching guidance.  Uninterrupted but not dominant music, with a coaching focus to work on whatever the dancers need or want.

It’s designed to accommodate a whole range of people in the one session from recent beginners to advanced dancers, as everyone can work on their own development at a pace that suits them.

For the more recent dancers this is the perfect place to integrate your classwork and begin developing creative and innovative dancing, isolating areas that could be improved and adding something new.

Another advantage of Practicoaching is the opportunity to work with the more advanced dancers, giving them an opportunity to work in greater depth at a more challenging level.  Classes, and even workshops, often fail to cater for these dancers.

This allows us to work the floor throughout the session with individuals, couples or a group with help, suggestions and technical advice.  In this workshop-type environment, it also gives us the opportunity to share key points during the session with the attendees as a whole.  We can work as a couple or individually, depending on what is required.

This form of coaching is quite similar to what you would get in a private lesson, except that we will be sharing ourselves around to all the couples dancing.  This gives us the opportunity to spend extra time with people, which is just not possible in the traditional class format.

If you have learned a movement with another teacher, we will help if we can.  However, in our experience, quite often the movement will be choreographically based and most likely be technically too challenging.  If this is the case, we will offer a more effective alternative to work towards your goal.

As there is no formal class work, people can stop dancing at any time for a refreshment break or chat, arrive and depart when they wish.

How could Practicoaching work for you?

Sessions are tailored for your Tango community –  held in an evening or afternoon, incorporated with class/es or workshop etc.

For more information and to discuss how it can work for you contact us – here

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