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The Articles below are written not only for the complete new beginner to tango, but as a guide through the never ending journey of Tango

There’s something for everyone.  The articles have been written over many years teaching, running events, live music and attending as social dancers.

Use it to help guide you through the tango maize or cherry pick what would be most helpful.

Getting Started – here

Practice whilst Protecting your Dance & Body – here

Some Thoughts on Learning to Walk – here

Eyes Wide Shut (or just following blindly …) – here

Transition from Classes – here

Tango – Three Legged Stool – here

Ladies Leading Ladies – here

Practicas / Guided Practicas / Pratilongas – explained – here

Practicoaching – explained – here

Milonga Etiquette – hints & tips – explained – here

Personal Hygiene – here

Shoes – here

Dress Code – what to wear – where to buy – here

Symphonic Tandas Anyone? – here

You’re Never Too Old for a Bad Tango Experience – here

Creating the Sound – here

Eine Kleine Ear Training – here

I hate Musicality – here

Peter Playing Live Music – here

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