Our Approach

Our headline philosophy has always been:
“We don’t just teach tango, we teach people tango”

Everyone is unique, will learn in their own individual ways, and find fulfilment by creating their own dance

We are always asking ourselves,How can we help people learn to dance Tango beautifully, as quickly and easily as possible, and still have a lot of  fun doing it?”

Our approach has always been very innovative, using the best coaching methods available



We have over 40 years combined coaching experience, teaching and training a wide variety of highly skilled professionals, as individuals, in teams and whole organisations, from care workers to musicians, technical specialists and airline pilots. The way we work can best be described as Client Centred Coaching, an approach we developed and has proved highly successful over many years teaching Argentine Tango.

We are both active teaching partners, giving equal attention to  Leaders and Followers, combining clear explanation with a variety of exercises tailored to specific needs.

We are expert at teaching in either role.   So no-one is left partnerless, only giving one partner the attention or, left trying to figure it out for themselves.  Rather than just “show & tell” we actively move around coaching everyone as individuals.  We all have our own preferred ways of learning, unique life experiences, and varying physical and psychological attributes.  “One size fits all” definitely does not work with Tango, and we adapt our coaching to each individual, all offered with own own blend of professionalism, fun and laughter.

Our aim is to provide good basic foundations, essential if you want to progress beyond the basics.  This includes work on posture, connection and balance, as well as understanding your own and (especially for Leaders) your partner’s axis and movement. We often teach dancers from different dance forms, or who have learned Tango elsewhere, and who have realised they now need to understand and improve their technique in order to progress further.

The Salon style of Argentine Tango is a conversation between the dance partners.  It is an improvised dance, relying on our connection with each other and with the music.  You cannot achieve this by dancing repeated sequences of steps, or pre-arranged choreographies.  So, from the outset, we help you develop the art of Leading or Following.  You will then be able to combine individual movements in any number of ways to create a dance which is fresh, elegant and fun for both partners.  For the same reason we do not use the “Basic 8″ approach, which in our experience limits dancers’ ability to learn leading, following, improvising or interpreting the music.

If you have attended classes elsewhere, where the teachers demonstrate the moves, then you copy it as best you can, our approach may seem rather different.  When dancing in an improvised style, it is essential we communicate with our partner.  This communication is subtle, shared only between partners, and invisible to onlookers.  For this reason, the much used teaching technique of “show and tell” or choreography based sequences simply does not work with this dance.

In salon tango the drama comes from stillness which creates a tension and an expectation of movement.  The energy is then released through movement.  So the drama is more elegant than energetic.  Performance and Neuvo tango tends to be more energetic, where there is more movement with dramatic staccato changes of direction.

An important benefit of Salon style approach is that  you can communicate, and therefore dance with, many different partners, rather than being restricted to the one regular partner.  The language of Tango is worldwide – once you’ve learned it you can dance at Milongas with anyone, anywhere.

As our focus is social dancing we teach movements that are practical and appropriate for dancing at Milongas (Tango social dances) and Prácticas.  Also how to link and adapt movements in different and elegant ways to enable you adjust to the dance floor.

We want to help dancers of all ages to create an enjoyable dance to share with their partner, rather than a spectacle, however impressive, for the entertainment of others. You can create an elegant, dramatic and passionate dance without being gymnastic!  Often it is the simplest dance that is the most enjoyable and successful.  We teach a lot of fun moves too, but always in the context of responsible social dancing.

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