Creating the Sound

Although Peter primarily DJs at Prácticas & Práctilongas, his music has the same quality of music and sound as that of a formal Milonga

Golden Age Orchestras

Often this music can sound very thin because of the way it was originally recorded, and later reproduced and modified through the vinyl years, then on to CD.  The resulting narrow frequency range can be very wearing on the ear after an hour or so.

Many people believe this sound to be “authentic”  because that’s the only way most of us have ever heard this music.  However, these orchestras would not have sounded thin and scratchy when they were originally danced to – live! 

Peter specialises in offering this gorgeous music in a way that reproduces the original live sound as closely as possible.

This is what it was always meant to sound like for dancing to!


Creating the Sound

To achieve this requires the best available source material, good quality gear that is adequate for the venue, intelligent setting up, plus a good ear and careful management throughout the event.

Peter has a total of over 8,000 tango track in his library, some are rare and virtually unobtainable.

Of these he has the use of  2,000 tracks which have been specially re-mastered to give some of the the highest quality sound, not typically heard at tango events.

The music is complemented with carefully selected professional sound equipment, adapted and tuned to the acoustics of the venue, as well as flexibility to adapt to the ever changing dynamic and energy of the Práctica / Práctilonga.

Not all tango music is suitable for dancing.  Many were simply to be enjoyed by listening to.  So careful selection and putting together tandas that gives a sense of being taken on a journey throughout the evening, is essential and a skill Peter has spent years developing.


Music at Prácticas / Práctilongas (& Milongas)

With Peter’s rich musical background and over ten years experience dancing, teaching and as a tango DJ, he brings a unique insight to music at tango events.

With dozens of playlists to chose from, he can offer a wide range of options to create a playlist specially for your event.

There more on this in the article Tango DJ – here


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