Men-Only Workshops

In its original form, Argentinian young men who wanted to meet girls, needed to learn how to dance well
They would perfect their technique by learning both leading and following by dancing only with other men for the first year

These days we have to find quicker ways to deepen your understanding of this dance and your partner.

All male workshop ideal for this and suitable for men who are already familiar dancing the basic foundations of tango.

Being a highly participative, motivating and enjoyable coaching experience to develop skills and confidence, it builds on your existing capabilities and awareness.

Peter Leading

A typical programme would include:

  • Exploring the dynamics of physical leading
  • Understanding the combination of movement and energy to communicate our intensions both clearly and elegantly
  • Using different elements of physical communication so that our Partners know exactly what we are inviting them to do without them feeling ‘pushed around’
  • Appreciating things from our Partner’s perspective
  • Adjusting our lead to different partners
  • Developing a ‘dance conversation’ with an initial theme, then adding variations
  • Developing clarity and composure
  • Improving the essential multi-tasking skills of focusing on our own steps, our Partner’s body and movement, communicating our lead, relating to the music, floorcraft / navigation, and improvising creatively
  • Improving our ability to ‘self-coach’ our leading skills
  • Working at a pace that suits the individual

There would be short breaks at convenient moments with tea, coffee and light refreshments to keep everybody going.

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