Ladies Leading

Get Inspired Ladies – learn the twin arts of leading & following

Already Leading – you may have learned to lead ‘on the hoof’.  If so, this is an ideal opportunity to underpin the basics and get to grips with good leading techniques, on which you can build upon and expand.

New to Leading – for those who have not danced as a leader before, it’s like learning any other unfamiliar dance – you go back to basics and learn it as a completely different dance – which it is, apart from your background understanding of following.

Jennifer – leading at a Milonga

When is the Right Time – the only recommendation is that you are already comfortable with following.  You will then have a supreme understanding of the follower’s movements, which is one of the most valuable tools a leader can possess, but which most male leaders will not, and do not, have.  How can you be a superb leader, without an understanding of what it is you are leading – a simple truth that was well understood by the early Argentine tango dancers.

Jennifer – leading at a Práctica

As a Leader – you may be surprised that learning to lead may have a positive effect on you as a follower.  However, don’t forsake your following, as you need to comfortably switch into either role. Being a good leader is not easy and takes time to learn, and you’ll learn to appreciate that when you are a follower, patience and understanding is key.

As a Follower – being lead by a female will require the follower to learn to have much better technique and balance.  She will not have the support or strength of a male leader to help disquise any poor technique.

At the end of a evening of classes, Jennifer had an improvised dance with one of her female students – in bare feet! :

Shoes for Leading – this is a personal choice, you may like to use special shoes, or practice shoes specially for classwork, as you will be changing roles frequently.

Jennifer – leading at a Festival

At a Milonga Jennifer has never made a distinction of dancing in different shoes.  This gives her the added advantage of not having to change shoes every time she wants to dance as a leader.

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