Jennifer Hudson

During my teen years I danced Ballroom socially, interspersed with disco dancing, then spent over 40 years in either a career or bringing up a family.

I found Tango by accident in my 50’s. But Tango at that time was disappointingly stuck in the tradition of teaching choreography based steps, typically in the open embrace including the ‘Basic 8’ approach, accentuated off-axis movements, all with a rather gymnastic approach. Often this was taught by classically trained dancers who demonstrated their athleticism, rather than on the Salon style of improvisation and connection. Or by teachers who thought giving dancers sequences or with the ‘move of the evening’, would give students the illusion they were actually dancing and, encourage them to return.

With many breaks from Tango along the way, and after five fruitless years, I gave up.Then a chance opportunity came for to teach Tango, where I met Peter – the rest as they say, is history.Through Peter I found renewed enthusiasm and discovered we could both have a profound influence how this dance can be learned – and taught.

So, we began Tango South in 2007. From the outset we taught Tango in the traditional improvised Salon style – extremely rare at that time. When we finally retired from running this full time, we were teaching upwards of 120 dancers a week over a range of classes. Such was the success, we’re delighted to have many of these dancers now express how lucky they were to have found us at the beginning of their tango.

Between us we over 30 years dancing & teaching tango. Plus many years prior to that working and coaching adults in professional companies, private groups and on a one-to-one-basis.

During 2009 we went together to Buenos Aires and studied intensively with fabulous teachers to whom we are eternally grateful. We gained new insights into our dance which completely revolutionised our approach to teaching, and we share this with all our dancers. A lot cheaper than having to go to Buenos Aires to discover it for yourselves!
Now in my late 60s, with my physique and flexibility more limited, I have developed my Tango within the possibilities of my own body and movement, and this has helped me develop even greater empathy with students of all ages, helping them to create their own dance and protect it. So it’s never too late to start.

My specialised skill as a coach is in fine observation of the technical movement in the dance, both for Followers and Leaders. Problems can only be corrected by finding the cause, not just trying to resolve an isolated symptom. This natural ability for me has become my trademark when coaching, often to the surprise and delight of the dancers.

To become an expert tango teacher, I have adopted this same approach to the challenges of leading and very comfortable dancing and teaching in the leader’s role. I believe this is absolutely necessary to being a tango teacher.

Before tango, I also worked for a number of years in many therapeutic roles coaching adults.
Originally I trained in modelling, beauty therapy, colour, image and style, for both ladies and men and ran a successful business. I am very aware of the physical movement of the body, with many years’ experience of body building and weight training.

My additional training and working in the arts and shamanic work has helped many of my clients. It has also aided me to understand people’s differing needs and reactions to learning. I further developed and worked with clients as a Master Reiki healer, with Graphology and Tarot, of which added to an intuitive understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of Tango.

2016/2017 – I had 2 total replacement hips in 6 months, recovered from a pulmonary embolism after the second hip surgery, and probable and necessary knee replacements in the future. A badly arthritic foot limits the time I spend social dancing, but the two hip replacements has had a transformation in my dance, and enabled me to not only to enjoy social dancing more but to have a profound effect on my teaching.